Friday, August 2, 2013

2013 4-H Fair and Open Show

We had three horses at the Fair this year. Buddy, sold to Megan, and will be leaving us this weekend, Sparkle Plenty who was ridden by a young girl who didn't have a horse to ride, and Baihley took Harvey in training. At the Open Show, Baihley rode Harvey and then brought in Socks her gaming horse for fun... It was a hot fair, but a great one.
 Baihley and her 2 year old Paint horse, Harvey in Training Class with Judge Sue Klucas
Megan Justice and Buddy

Sparkle and Lizzie
Sparkle and Emily Chidester
Cloverbud time

Lizzie getting a ribbon in English with Sparkle

Sparkle doing Jump Figure 8
Baihley showing Harvey
Baihley warming up her gamer; Socks

Pole weaving

Jump figure 8

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