Monday, January 31, 2011

Check out this new ministry
We are proud supporters of this ministry; a way to be Jesus hand and feet everywhere the horse community is where we live. Pray for the effectiveness of the leader, the ripple effect and that people come to know Jesus through this ministry.

Cold, but warm hearted

It's ridiculously wintery but the girls are still riding at least 6 days a week. We have four girls riding in lessons and Baihley and Haley ride as much as possible. Baihley didn't ride today but that was a first in about a week. Toby is learning more all the time. We now have Cola and Saffy here. The first thing they did was jump a fence to get to the normal horses. We had put them in the show horse pasture! So Sunday morning early, the two kids and I were out with the bob-cat fixing fence and moving snow piles. Obviously they don't mind climbing large snowpiles to see what's on the other side!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Winter Riding

Winter riding times and lessons are well under way and also cleaning out the horse lots.  They are well used to the bob-cat and people with shovels.